Lightroom 3.5 and Windows 10

December 8, 2015

Old Lightroom and brand spanking new Windows 10? It works! So I googled and binged around this without success while fending off the pleading pop ups from my ageing laptop to grab my free ‘upgrade’ to Windows 10. I know, who doesn’t like a freebie, but I wasn’t convinced the experience would be an upgrade; […]

57 phoneography stockimo pics

March 12, 2015

I recently hit a personally significant little milestone over at stockimo with the acceptance of my 57th mobile phone image; this shot of rain on my windscreen taken on the way to shoot some sunny Devon property interiors! Give it a click to see it larger. With this event, and stockimo having been around for […]

Free photography reflectors

November 26, 2014

So here’s a little tip I share with students in my photography classes; eat smoked salmon! Or if you’re not keen on it buy some for a loved one! The card backing it is packaged with makes a really useful reflector for small work like table top photography. With the weather getting colder and wetter […]

laundromat Lifestyle

August 25, 2014

I’m possibly a little slow to the party when it comes to mobile phone photography but I have started to take it a little more seriously over recent months. The old (well I guess it’s only old in the terms of the breakneck pace of gadgetry) adage of the best camera is the one you […]

Nello Cycle challenge

June 29, 2014

Great day shooting the Force cancer charity Nello cycle challenge.

World Cup fever

June 13, 2014

So it’s started. Love it or hate it. Or be kind of nonplussed by it all. All tastes are already being catered for on twitter; I had these two tweets come through in quick succession .. .   Celebrate the beautiful game. #BeautifulGame Image – David Fernandez — Visual Supply Co (@vsco) June […]

Fotolia plumbing the depths

May 22, 2014

Beyond the occasional login to cash out I haven’t really been active in the microstock sector for several years. So while the latest move for market share from Fotolia had blipped on my radar I hadn’t gone much beyond putting it on an optimistic ‘investigate later’ to do list. Which is why I appreciated receiving […]

Maths pi stock photos

March 12, 2014

Today is World Maths Day and as if that isn’t enough excitement for one week it is also Pi Day on Friday! If you flip the date around and write it US style – 03.14 – you can see why the day is apt. Pi stock photos.

stockimo and toast

February 26, 2014

National Toast Day was yesterday apparently. I never knew such a day existed! I found out reading a tweet from @stockimo. If you haven’t heard stockimo is Alamy’s new foray into phoneography, building a collection of images shot with mobile phones. The style and realism of phone shot images is in vogue at the moment. […]

Adobe security hacked

November 26, 2013

If you read this blog now and then there is a fair chance you’re a user of Adobe’s software and as such may well have an account with them. If so you’re hopefully already aware they’ve had a bit of a security mishap, if not go here for the nitty gritty. In addition to the […]